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What I have here is a easier,and safer way to take your pet out on a walk or run.have a child and want to push the stroller,have a coffee and walk at the same time?

The Hands free Smarty Belt dog leash,is the way to go. Enjoy the freedom ,you will have using this style of Leash.When you are walking,or running,why not exercise ,at the same Time.

Every time we go for a walk,with our pets,there actually taking us on a walk,or a run.so we are not the only ones getting exercise.Our pets are keeping in shape too. With this Smarty belt Hands free dog leash system, you are able to free up your arms,when you need too.

I would like to help you,make taking the pet out for a run more interesting,than the same old way,having to hang on to the loop at the end of a leash. plus where do we tie are dogs off.When we go into a park restroom,coffee house,walk in stores,Now we can unclip the waist belt and go over to a solid hook,and easily have our best friends safe, and not going to pull apart,or unravel.

Where Every you are on this big beautiful Planet we call earth,Have a fun Safe Summer.Remember to,Take your dog out everyday for fun too.

Thank you for Buying my Smarty Belt dog Leashes.I have been on line longer than most of these New Idea Beginners,in the Hands Free Leash Market.I can give you a Great Price,and Best Quality made in California Anaheim,down the street from The California Adventure Park,and DisneyLand.